Why do we personify things?

Have you ever had an emotional connection to inanimate objects? Our mind seeks to categorize many aspects of the world. One thing that is hard to understand is why people tend to attribute life to inanimate objects, for example, robots? When I was a kid, I had a Tamagotchi — a handheld digital pet. It was a tiny machine that you could carry around in a pocket: it was eating, sleeping, and even pooping. So, you needed to keep observing the state of the Tamagotchi. When you failed to take care of your virtual pet, it could die. And could…

System Architecture

For multi-device support used centralized architecture, where all devices inform the server about their state in real-time. Subsequently, the server changes the states of all other devices accordingly. Moreover, the centralized system has a simpler design that excludes any consensus problem. All devices communicate with each other through the server that makes decisions.

Module Description

MyMascotApp is an Android application that has the following responsibilities:

  • The application registers the phone in the system: the ID of a beacon that it is attached, mascot custom name, the personality of a mascot.
  • The application measures the distance from the device-phone to all other beacons…


This is a centralized system that maintains the interaction between Smartphones (aka Mascots), Lamps, Tablets, and Speakers. Here, users’ smartphones become their personal Mascots being able to autonomously connect to four other devices, i.e., other Mascots, lamps, tablets, and speakers. The proximity is used to initiate communication between these devices. However, while the device interaction enhances network navigability, the decisions made by smart devices are not always in line with a user’s expectation. The goal of a user study was to find an approach that will take the user’s context into account.

The types of interactions between IoT devices

In this project, I implemented a prototype of…

Персонализация данных.

Лиза и Боб спорят насчёт использования вакцины. Лиза утверждает что “Вакцинация не протестирована должным образом и поэтому следует от неё отказаться”. Однако, Лизе так кажется, потому что в соцсетях только об этом и говорят. Боб же, наоборот, уверен, что вакцинация предотвращает распространение болезни. А всё потому, что в его ленте новостей многие именно так и считают. Получается Лиза, и Боб живут в разных мирах? И почему, пользуясь тем же приложением, их лента новостей настолько отличается друг от друга?

Не задумывались ли вы о том что наша лента новостей в Фейсбуке или в Инстаграме показывает исключительно комфортные для нас посты? Мы…

The Theory of Proxemics

Edward Hall conceptualized the idea of a personal space bubble by creating a whole system of notation to understand and record how people navigate shared space. He correlated a physical distance to a social distance and identified four distances that are measured horizontally:

  • The intimate distance which varies from 1 to 45 cm is a distance used for romantic partners and family members.
  • Personal distance varies from 46 to 121 cm is a space bubble that allows your extended family members and close friends to enter this zone.
  • Social distance varies from 122 to 369 cm is often used for…

Ubiquitous Computing

The attempts to make technologies invisible in the background led to the emergence of a new approach — Ubiquitous Computing (aka UC). The “Ubiquitous Computing” was initially put forward by Mark Weiser in “The computer for the 21st Century” paper.

Ubiquitous computing is a new way of thinking about computers in the world, one that takes into account the natural human environment and allows the computers themselves to vanish into the background.

In contrast to desktop computing, ubiquitous computing can occur using any device, in any location, and any format. …

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